Hackers are targeting gamers for their rare in-game skins and weapons – here's how to protect yourself

Many gamers don’t seem that concerned, though       (Image credit: Pixabay) Gamers are increasingly at risk of having their accounts targeted by hackers since Covid-19 has witnessed a rise in online gaming, as folks who are in lockdown spend more time in virtual worlds. According to a new Akamai report entitled ‘Gaming: You Can’t Solo Security’, gamers are being subjected to a host of phishing and credential stuffing attacks. The latter is where a cybercriminal attempts to log into game accounts (or gaming platforms like Steam) by going through lists of username and password combos which can be bought online (often on the dark web). Windows 10 antivirus is getting a huge upgrade Where to buy an  Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 We’ve chosen all the  best graphics cards  out there A lot of those username and password pairings are taken from old data breaches, and essentially the attackers are hoping that gamers may have reused the same password with gaming accounts (which is why one of the golde

Best computer 2020: the best PCs we've tested

Brace yourself for the best computers you can buy in 2020       Here are our top picks for the best PCs 2020 has on offer.  (Image credit: Future) In 2020, the best computers are more powerful than ever before. Whether you’re battling monsters in the most demanding AAA games or creating compelling 4K videos for your clients, these powerful PCs will deliver staggering performance that will see you through your demands. In fact, there’s practically nothing that they cannot handle. Better yet, thanks to Intel, AMD and Nvidia trying to outdo one another with more affordable  processors  and  graphics cards , the best computers are more affordable than ever. From the  best gaming PCs  rocking strong gaming performance and  more RAM  to creative workstations with the latest  PC components  and  fast SSDs , there’s something out there from everyone, touting prices that won’t break the bank. With so many powerful yet affordable desktop PCs available right now, the key is for you to find the mo